The Virtual Maintenance Trainer™ is a simulation-based training device designed to optimize training time and improve the learning process for maintenance personnel. The Virtual Flight Deck (VFD) and the Virtual Aircraft (VA) are combined for training on component location, system logic/operation, troubleshooting, fault isolation procedures, and return-to-service tests.

Other benefits that result from the implementation of the Aerosim Virtual Maintenance Training Suite include reduction of remedial training, aircraft gate returns, and improper removals of Line Replaceable Units (LRU).

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Virtual Flight Deck

The Virtual Flight Deck (VFD) is a full simulation of your aircraft’s specific flight deck brought to life on a PC. With the VFD, maintenance technician trainees can scan, view and operate all panels, controls, indicators and displays within the flight deck.

Virtual Aircraft

Virtual Aircraft enables technicians to perform external component location, walk around inspection and procedure based interaction. Users are able to perform practical exercises including: operational tests (systems and BITE), AMM & TSM/FIM tasks, MMEL maintenance procedures, and servicing.

Active System Schematics

Active System Schematics are detailed diagrams of the aircraft systems. They show in real-time what is happening within the aircraft systems based on flight deck inputs. These Active System Schematics are tied directly into the simulation in progress.

An Innovative Approach to Aircraft Maintenance Efficiency and Cost Savings

Inside look at how TAM Airlines approaches maintenance training and the investment they are willing to make in order to deliver big results. “We wanted the best product on the market and we wanted the training solution that continued our excellence in training. Insurance doesn’t cover maintenance issues. Quality training is vital. At TAM, we believe that maintenance training should be the same or better than pilot training. We chose the Aerosim VMT because we thought it was the best product in the market. We wanted the training solution for excellence in training. The cost benefit of implementing this solution will become a reality through reduced remedial training because the learning is so much more interactive and intense.”
— Captain Leonard Grant, Operational Training Director.

  • Full free-play training for all systems including engine run-up training
  • Supports AMM/FOT tests
  • Full simulation of CFDS/CMC for POST FLIGHT reports, last leg reports and system BITE
  • Active System Schematics fully integrated with moving flow lines
  • Pre-defined SNAPSHOTS for each ACT specified TSM to allow instant load and training using AirN@V procedures
  • Fully integrated with Virtual Aircraft
  • Fully supports Airbus CONTROL and INDICATING (instant screen setup using Aerosim SNAPSHOT)
  • SNAPSHOT feature allows instant and exact SAVE/RECALL of any cockpit state
  • Limited 'flight' capability with flight freeze release for demonstration of in-air faults and procedures
  • Ability to separate cockpit panels and active system schematics
  • Location/identification and removal/installation of system components (as supported by Virtual Aircraft)

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