Air Transport Courseware (CBT)


Aerosim’s courseware provides structured learning with multiple distance learning deployment methods. Self-paced instruction, demonstrations, continual evaluation, practice scenarios, remediation, and testing are brought together in this comprehensive training tool. These features provide greater knowledge retention when compared to traditional page turning CBT.

Aerosim developed courseware can be customized to your aircraft configuration, procedures and standards. The courseware is deliverable via computer install or distance learning platform (iPad®, web, CD-ROM, USB drive). Subject areas covered include:


Streamlining the training process is a key focus of our courseware. All of the content offered is available for distribution through iPad®, web, CD-ROM, and USB drive. Getting your students started on their next training event is as easy as sending them an email.

Cost Reduction

Because of the synergy created between our courseware and simulation products, we are able to offer a higher quality instructional package with a price tag that is on par with our competitors.

Customization and Convenience

Our courseware is designed to be modular, which means it can be tailored to the needs of the program. Whether it be full courseware for initial qualification or a streamlined course for recurrent training, our courseware can be molded to fit your requirements.

In addition, our LMS gives instructors detailed information about their students’ progress in the courseware lessons, allowing for a greater level of control during the training program.

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