Airbus A320 Type Rating Course

Aircraft technology is rapidly changing with increased automation and more sophisticated systems. We believe training should continue to evolve too. Through the use of Aerosim’s extensive training and simulation tools, pilots are now able to learn using a variety of training methodologies. The unique blend of distance learning courseware, hands-on training sessions in our Virtual Procedures Trainer, and realistic line-oriented training sessions in a full flight simulator allow pilots to learn using the latest training technologies and methods.

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Aerosim A320 Distance Learning

Distance Learning

For maximum convenience and efficiency, Aerosim uses a distance learning strategy to complete a large portion of the coursework. Distance learning allows you to learn from any location you wish, which saves you money and gives you the flexibility to complete the training when and where it best fits your schedule. Additionally, you can complete the training at your own pace and tailor the training to your individual needs. Aerosim offers computer based training (CBT) like no other, using aircraft simulation-based technology. Aerosim’s CBT is centered on Aerosim’s Virtual Flight Deck (VFD) technology. Actual aircraft simulation provides a realistic, ‘in the cockpit’ approach to training. Simulation-based technology allows the pilot to enter a freeplay environment at any time during training to interact with the entire cockpit as one would in an actual aircraft.

Aerosim provides a USB-strategy that allows you to conduct CBT training either while being connected or disconnected from the Internet. This allows you to work in any environment while the USB tracks your progress and uploads the progress whenever an Internet connection is detected.

Aerosim provides a USB-strategy that allows you to use any desktop or laptop PC. No downloading of programs, utilities or files is required. The training (and VFD) is totally portable. If you prefer CD-ROM or delivery via the Web, we can do that too. The choice is yours. If you have any questions, Aerosim has technical support and instructor support standing by.

Aerosim A320 Procedure Training

Procedure Training

The on-site ground training portion builds on the theories and concepts that were learned via distance learning and puts them into practice. Instructor-led Systems and Procedures Integration are conducted in Virtual Procedures Trainers (VPT) and focus on the operational use of systems and normal procedures. These lessons are designed to be conducted as if in a line-flight environment.

Aerosim A320 Flight Training

Flight Training

Aerosim uses a unique training concept geared toward maximum hands-on training using the most appropriate resource. Every day begins with an instructor-led session in the VPT designed to practice simulator-related procedural activities prior to the simulator period later in the day. By conducting much of the ground work and FMS work in the VPT, students have more time to practice maneuvers in the full flight simulator.

Curriculum Summary

This curriculum is designed for individuals who are new to the Airbus fly-by-wire generation of aircraft and is analogous to Initial Qualification. Significant time is given to teach the concepts of a multi-crew environment, the flow of a typical airline flying environment, decision making skills, management of automation and handling of emergencies and abnormal. The course is appropriate for pilots that do not meet ATP experience requirements seeking a first-time turbojet type rating and who do not have significant recent flight experience.

Here is a sample of what you receive when you are enrolled in one of our programs: Simulation-Based Distance Learning Courseware, including:

All Aircraft Systems

  • General Operational Subjects (Weight & Balance, Performance, RVSM, Windshear, CRM, etc.)
  • Freeplay Virtual Flight Deck
  • Academic support from an instructor via phone/email
  • Access to the courseware for 1-yr from enrollment

Airbus A320 Flight Crew Operating Manuals (FCOM)

  • Volume 1: Systems Description
  • Volume 2: Flight Preparation
  • Volume 3: Flight Operations
  • QRH (Quick Reference Handbook)
  • Flight Crew Training Manual

A320 Laminated Cockpit Posters
Aerosim Training Manual

  • Oral Exam Study Guide
  • Procedures Study Guide
  • Explanation of Maneuvers and Procedures
  • Student Lesson Guide
  • Flight Paperwork
  • Jeppesen Charts

Approximately 13 Days On-Site Training

  • 36 hrs of VPT training with a dedicated instructor
  • 24 hrs of FFS (Level C/D)
  • Flight Examination (Level C/D)
  • Oral Examination
  • Unlimited access to the VPT (when available)
  • Experienced, type-rated Instructors
  • Convenient location with quick access to the airport, Mall of America, hotels & restaurants
  • Discounted rates with partnering hotels. Includes free in-room wifi, hot breakfast and transportation. (Approximately $64 – $89 USD per night depending on which hotel you choose)

There are no hidden costs. However, additional costs may be incurred if you require additional training to meet the lesson standards.

On-Site Training
After you complete your Distance Learning, the next step is to commence the on-site portion of your training. The on-site training is 13 working days and consists of both a ground training phase and a flight training phase. During the ground training phase, you will be working with our highly qualified ground instructors who will be leading you through lessons in a Virtual Procedures Trainer. Ground training ends with the successful completion of your oral exam. Next, you will begin the flight training phase. Flight Training is conducted in both our VPT’s and in the full flight simulator. A detailed description of the course outline can be seen here.

Aerosim A320 on-site training

A: Systems Review and Distance Learning Validation
Instructor-led review of Distance Learning course content.

B: Distance Learning Validation
A computer generated electronic exam designed to validate your knowledge of the systems and concepts learned from the distance learning courseware.

C: Systems & Procedures Integration
A series of 3-hour instructor-led sessions in the VPT focused on operational use of systems and normal procedures and designed to be conducted as if in a line-flight environment.

D: Oral Exam
An oral exam will be given by one of our on-site Training Center Evaluators. We designed the course specifically to complete the oral prior to full flight simulator training so you are able to devote all of your time and attention to studying the required maneuvers and procedures you will be practicing in the simulator.

E: Procedure-Based Flight Training
A series of 2 hour instructor-led sessions in the VPT designed to practice simulator-related procedural activities prior to simulator period later in the day.

F: Event-based Flight Training
A series of instructor-led sessions in a Level C/D flight simulator where maneuvers and tasks are performed pursuant to an FAA type rating. Students will switch seats half way through each 4 hr. simulator session.

G: LOS-based Flight Training
Instructor-led sessions in a Level D simulator where students conduct a line-flight employing normal procedures and reacting as necessary to abnormal situations.

H: Type Rating
Your training will finish with the type rating evaluation accomplished by our on-site Training Center Evaluators. Successful completion will result in the addition of the A320 Type Rating to your certificate.

Feature Aerosim Offers:
Curriculum The Aerosim curriculum is built for first-time jet pilots
Instructor Qualification and Experience Each Aerosim ground and flight instructor is type-rated on the aircraft and has extensive experience teaching for the airlines. Flight instructors are also line pilots that can provide valuable insight based on their own experience.
Course Length Aerosim’s on-site training course is 13 working days after completion of distance learning.
Aircraft Manuals Aerosim uses manufacturer-authorized current manuals with a one-year revision service after training.
Simulator Training To keep the course as affordable as possible, Aerosim offers about the same simulator time as most competitors. Unlike any other training provider, however, Aerosim provides an instructor-led 2-hour VPT training session before each simulator lesson to prepare for the simulator lesson.
FTD Crew Training Aerosim offers 36 hours of crew training in a Virtual Procedures Trainer (VPT).
Access to Flight Training Devices Aerosim offers its students unlimited 24-hour access to the Virtual Procedures Trainer (VPT) whenever it is not scheduled for crew training.
Distance Learning Aerosim offers a comprehensive, simulation- and computer-based training program on a USB drive.
Non aircraft-specific training Aerosim offers CBT modules specifically designed for the new transport category pilot such as:
- High Altitude Meteorology
- High Altitude Physiology
- Adverse Weather and Windshear
- High Altitude Operations
- Human Factors
- RVSM Operations
- MEL and CDL
Aircraft Simulation on your PC Aerosim provides you with their Virtual FlightDeck (VFD) software. This USB-based software allows you unlimited access to a fully functioning flight deck on your PC.


  • All courses require a person to meet the following minimums:
  • Commercial Pilot License
  • Multi Engine rating
  • Instrument Rating
  • Ability to read, speak and understand English
  • Specific course requirements require additional information. Please consult an Aerosim Training representative for further information.

Program Enrollment

Step 1: Initial Refundable Course Deposit – This gets you started

  • Complete our online Application Form with a $500 refundable deposit
  • We will initiate the visa application process and secure your desired class date.
  • You will receive an Acceptance Letter and an I-20 visa application form.
  • You will also receive an Enrollment Agreement for you to print and read.
  • Should you decide not to proceed for any reason, all moneys paid will be refunded minus a $200 enrollment fee.
  • You can pay via PayPal, Bank Transfer, cash or check.

Step 2: Enrollment Agreement – Once you decide to commence your Flight Training

  • Please sign the Agreement and fax it back to us, and also FedEx it to us with a copy of your passport and any pilot licenses you currently hold.
  • An additional $1,000 payment is required at this time to cover initial courseware and online training programs that you will receive.
  • Should you withdraw your application for any reason, all moneys paid will be refunded minus any program related costs and accumulated processing fees.
  • You can pay via PayPal, Bank Transfer, cash or check.
  • The entire deposit becomes non-refundable if enrollment is cancelled within 30 days of the class start date. Class size is limited, so it is important to submit the deposit and secure your place in class.

Step 3: Apply for a United States M-1 Visa

Step 4: Apply for TSA clearance

Step 5: Course Payment

  • Your first course payment must be paid via Bank Transfer Cash or Check prior to the first day of class. Funds will be held in trust and dispersed to the school as training is accomplished.
  • Prior to departing for the U.S., you must have received your visa and TSA approval to have your fingerprints taken. We can take your fingerprints on the day you arrive and submit them to the AFSP at that time. You must have your permission to initiate training before your actual flight training.

Step 6: Arrival

It is suggested that you plan to arrive at least 2 days prior to the first day of class in order to get settled in before you begin your training.

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